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:PW Photoshop Manipulation

:PW Photoshop Manipulation

PW Photoshop manipulation teaches you how to use simple photoshop tools and then mix it in which some funky paint splashes to create a modern minimal design.

Tutorial Details:

  • Program: Photoshop
  • Version: CS2, CS3 + CS4
  • Difficulty: Mod/high
  • Estimated Completion Time: 1.5-2 hours with previous photoshop knowledge

End Result of the PW Photoshop manipulation


Step 1

Start up my making a new document, mine was 1109 by 1479 (cropped from larger piece). The examples shown below are 800 x 600.

Fill the background white if it isn’t already.

Step 2

On a new layer, select the gradient tool, select the colour black to transparent. Making sure the linear gradient tool is selected create a gradient from the bottom and spreading up.

Lower this to around 20-25% opacity.



Step 3

Make a new layer, then use the gradient tool once again with a radial gradient selected. Make sure the colour is red to transparent.

In the center use the tool to make a red circle, lower the opacity to around 10-15%



Step 4

Start out by creating some lines using the line tool, the thickness is going to be down to your judgment. I believe mine was around 10.

Try and make two lines and then duplicate them and scale them down, and then move them to the right. We will try and aim to place

most of our content around these two points.

I coloured the lines red and then added a black to transparent gradient overlay in order to make it abit more interesting.



Step 5

Using the custom shape tool, select the hexagon.

Select the colour white and then make a few shapes.

The most important thing is to try and keep everything pointing the same way.



Step 6

Open up a wireframe (awesome pack here) and then set it to multiply and reduce the opacity to about 40%.

Delete the parts which go past the lines. Place this layer behind all the shapes but in front of the gradient layers.


Step 7

Add some more hexagons. I have coloured some red, added gradient effects and bevel effects on others.

I am leaving it to you to find your own settings and make it more free.

Reduce the opacity on some of them (mostly the outside ones).



Step 8

Circle time! Select the circle tool, Hit ‘D’ on your keyboard to reset to colours back to black and white.

Then add some circles in of all different sizes. Make sure these are all below the hexagons.


Step 9

Repeat but for white circles.


Step 10

Download some paint splatters, (my fav pack here), use the one with the white background and then set to multiply. Change the colour to fit your piece, in my case I turned them red.

Add some behind objects, or anywhere which looks good.



Step 11

I opened up an old vector of mine and then blurred it quite abit and then used it as clipping mask to colour some of hexagons.



Step 12

Click on a hexagon while holding CMD (mac) or CTRL (windows) and then make a new layer, with the marquee tool selected

left click and select stroke. Choose a number around 3-5.

Duplicate and then move this wireframe hexagons around the piece.



Step 13

To finish I then made a quick logo using the text tool and then clicked on it while holding CMD/CTRL to get the shape,

I then deleted a section out of a hexagon so that you can see through it. (I also added a black background behind it on a low opacity)




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